6 Things To Look For In An Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction to opioids has ruined many lives and families in the country. One of the more notorious opioids people use is oxycodone. This is a prescription opioid drug that’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. It works by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain and also acts on the central nervous system to dull, block or relieve pain.

Oxycodone is relatively safe when taken according to a doctor’s prescription. However, it is addictive and habit-forming, leading many to abuse it. Trying to quit using oxycodone on your own can be dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms that can set off including muscle aches and cramps, high blood pressure, increased body temperature and heartbeat as well as the possibility of seizures.

If you’re struggling with addiction to oxycodone, the best thing is to seek help from a treatment center. Here are 6 things to look for in an oxycodone addiction treatment center.

Medically assisted detox

Before entering treatment, your body needs to get rid of the harmful toxins left by oxycodone. This detox process normally triggers withdrawal symptoms, some of which are life-threatening. A good oxycodone treatment center will offer medically-assisted detox so you’ll be under medical supervision, making the detox process as comfortable as possible.

6 Things To Look For In An Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center

Evidence-based therapeutic treatment

A reputable addiction treatment center will offer evidence-based treatment programs and methods. This includes psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention and addiction education. The rehab will also offer different treatment programs on a residential or outpatient basis.

Individualized treatment

Each person reacts differently to addiction and treatment should reflect that. At Impact Outpatient Program, oxycodone addiction treatment is tailored to your individual needs. We also consider your schedule and offer virtual telemedicine services for those who can’t make it to their treatment sessions.

An accredited treatment center

The oxycodone treatment center you choose should be accredited by the relevant body and staff at the rehab should have the requisite certification. This indicates that the facility has attained and adheres to certain standards and you can trust them to provide professional care.

Affordable treatment

When seeking treatment for oxycodone addiction, you have to consider the cost of treatment. Confirm whether the facility you choose accepts your insurance provider and whether they offer alternative means of payment in case you don’t have insurance coverage. At Impact Outpatient Program we work with most major insurance carriers to help cover the cost of rehab, making treatment more affordable for our clients.

An aftercare program

Your recovery journey doesn’t end when you leave rehab and a reputable oxycodone treatment center should have an aftercare program. This may include linking you up to a sober living home, a community group or an outpatient program that can give you support as you transition back to living in the real world. If you’re looking for treatment for oxycodone addiction in Kentucky, contact the Impact Outpatient Program.

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