Addiction & The Expectations Of Continued Outpatient Recovery Care

Those who attend treatment centers for addiction do so with the promise that they will be supported long after they attend and complete their treatment program of choice. The whole point of a treatment center is recovery and while an addict will always be an addict, there are those who remain sober for years and never relapse and there are those who relapse within their recovery timeframe. When you receive care for your addiction, you’ll feel more empowered and supported. 

Managing expectations when it comes to recovery is important. Unrealistic expectations can cause a patient to go backward in their care, and there is a range of care options available for those in continued outpatient recovery. 

Levels of Care for Addicts


The very first level of care is detox. This is the first phase in recovery and this involves medically detoxing from the substance that you have become reliant on. As your body goes through this period, you can expect to be supported through the process and this is something that will happen as often as you need it to if you relapse later. Your body has to be free of the substance in question before you can receive other care types, too, so this is an important step in the process.


Some people choose to go with residential care, though it’s not always necessary. It depends on the level of addiction present and when you choose residential care, you are choosing to stay inpatient at a facility to ensure that there are no relapses in a particular time period, and they also ensure you are safely withdrawing from the drugs. 

Outpatient Recovery Care

Intensive outpatient care is all about being partially hospitalized. This is where you stay in a nearby housing unit. This allows you to live your life but gives you the access you may need to intensive therapy. This can help you through your recovery. Once you have got through this stage you then step down to outpatient care and you are living a normal life back at home with the right support around you. Group sessions and one-to-one therapy sessions are normal here, and this will be created for you in a program depending on what you need the most. 

After that, you reduce your sessions as necessary. Some people still attend a meeting once or twice a week, moving on to once a month. This takes some time to work on, however, and it’s important that you do so as you move through the recovery process.

Getting Help

The addiction recovery process is complex, and if you want to find out more and seek the right help, you can get in touch with Louisville Addiction Treatment Center and arrange your recovery treatment as soon as possible. The expectations of recovery have to be realistic if you want your recovery to help you the best that it can. Call today and book an appointment for more information.

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