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Memphis, Tennessee is a major city with a major drug problem, not least to the spike in opioid overdoses since the outbreak of Covid in 2020. 

Whether it’s opioids or any other type of substance abuse, it’s vital that you gain the right support on the road to recovery. Impact IOP Louisville Addiction Treatment Center in Mount Washington, Kentucky can provide tailored services including intensive outpatient programs for patients in Memphis and beyond.

What should an addiction treatment center do for you?

Both substance addiction and drug-related crime in Memphis, Tennessee are on par with the national averages. Given that America is currently gripped by a drug problem, this is far from positive news. Acknowledging a problem is the first step to recovery while reaching out for support is the second. However, the benefits can only be unlocked if the drug rehab center is aligned with your needs.

SUDs can look very different from one case to the next, which is why treatment verticals should be tailored to your requirements. 

Intensive Outpatient treatments focus on combining individual and group therapies along with elements of telemedicine to provide an ongoing and sustained approach to beating drug or alcohol addiction while enabling you to continue your life in Memphis. Outpatient programs are a step down in intensity but can be equally useful for people with mild addictions. 

The Multiple Pathways approach utilizes both traditional and evidence-based programs to develop personalized treatment plans aimed at sustained success. Additional programs can include partial hospitalization.

When partnering with a professional team that delivers a diverse range of customizable and structured plans, your hopes of success will look far better. Whether you’ve completed detoxification or not, IOP is here to help with all SUDs.

Why travel to Mount Washington, KY from Memphis, Tennessee?

Impact IOP, near Louisville, is around 370 miles from Memphis, Tennessee. It is the perfect setting to complete an intensive outpatient program as you will be far away from home that you can dedicate yourself to the treatment while you can still get back home quickly once your in-person sessions are complete. After all, ongoing telemedicine support can be provided without any disruption to your daily life.

Our comfortable facilities and experienced therapists provide the perfect backdrop as you complete your 15-25 hours of group therapy and short individual therapy. Alternatively, the other service verticals can all provide quality care that focuses on your specific SUD (and co-occurring conditions if applicable) while fitting around your life for minimal disruption.

Whether you’re at the start of your rehab journey or have already completed some steps, IOP Louisville Addiction Treatment Center is the perfect choice for anyone living in Memphis, TN.

Take the first steps today

As a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center, Impact Outpatient Program is built on helping you on the path to a lasting and sustainable recovery. Your journey starts with completing the admissions process.

Nobody should feel like they have to face the battle alone. From the moment you contact our center, you will see that IOP is ready to support you through detoxification, understanding the reasons behind your addiction, and building a sustained strategy for success.

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What We Treat

Impact Outpatient Program offers treatment for a variety of addictions and co-ocurring disorders at our Louisville area outpatient drug rehab center.
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