Addiction Treatment Center Supporting Mount Vernon, Indiana

Mount Vernon is a small town in Posey County, Indiana, with a population of just over 6,000. But that doesn’t make it exempt from America’s current drug problem, which sees 1 in 12 Hoosiers considered to have a substance use disorder.

When suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in such a small town, moving out of the area to complete an intensive outpatient program is probably the most popular choice. impact IOP Louisville Addiction Treatment Center in Mount Washington, Kentucky can support you with breaking free from the addiction as well as staying on the right path for life.

Finding an addiction treatment that’s right for you

When looking for help with substance addiction, it’s vital that you find a treatment center that offers the right services for you. Impact IOP’s telemedicine services are particularly useful for anyone living in Mount Vernon, Indiana. It means that you will receive ongoing support, which can make a world of difference in your bid for sustained results. After all, your recovery from substance abuse isn’t a short-term fix and should be a commitment for life.

Every person’s battle with SUDs is unique, though, which is why it’s equally important to finding a company with a range of onsite service verticals.

Intensive Outpatient treatments are particularly ideal for residents of Mount Vernon, Indiana. They are quick yet effective treatment plans that combine elements of individual and group therapy to unlock the best results in the shortest time. Meanwhile, standard outpatient programs are ideal for anyone who has completed a detox already and needs help kicking their mild addiction for good.

The combination of traditional and evidence-based elements makes Multiple Pathways programs an ideal choice for beating drug addiction when living in Mount Vernon. Crucially, all services are aimed at understanding your circumstances as well as the condition itself. 

Additional programs like partial hospitalization can also be used. Whether it’s a sole SUD, multiple SUDs, or co-occurring mental health issues, Impact IOP is the answer.

Why travel to Mount Washington, KY from Mount Vernon, Indiana

Indiana’s annual drug death toll is rising by the year, seeing a 33% increase in 2020. Even if you are not at immediate risk of overdosing, it’s vital that you seek immediate help. Mount Washington is located just 170 miles from Mount Vernon, making it ideally located to complete your 20 or so hours of group therapy and short spell of individual therapy alike. 

Our comfortable facilities and advanced approach to drug and alcohol rehab therapy enable you to get the most out of your treatment. Moreover, you will maintain your privacy without needing to cause disruption. Intensive outpatient programs also enable you to keep taking care of your family. It’s a great opportunity to find new surroundings without encountering the threat of struggling to integrate back into daily life once your initial program has finished.

Thanks to our range of service verticals, you can get the required support no matter what stage of the recovery process you’re at.

Get help for SUD rehab in Mt. Vernon, IN

Impact Outpatient Program is a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center in Mt. Washington, KY. It is the perfect service to help you on the path to lasting and sustained sobriety. You can take the first steps by learning about our admissions today.

When services in Mount Vernon haven’t worked. The Impact Louisville Addiction Treatment Center is here to help.

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What We Treat

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