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Are you searching for addiction treatment in Evansville, Indiana? If so, then you may want to explore the services that we offer at the Louisville Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction is a complicated condition. People who experience addiction often lose control over their emotions as well as their behavior. They tend to act irrationally or become self-destructive. If you are trying to fight an addiction, you could experience withdrawal symptoms and severe cravings. That’s why it’s important to find the right support that you need.

It is often beneficial to find a treatment center close to home. In doing so, you can take comfort in knowing that the people who are ready to support you with your recovery are close by, and you can be in an environment that feels familiar. 

Choosing The Right Treatment Option In Indiana 

Before you explore the admissions options for a treatment center, you will need to think about the type of treatment that is right for you or your loved one. 

Typically, an individual will start by completing a full detox. This will be used to get rid of any substances that may be harming your system. A detox will be completed by fully medically trained staff.

Telemedicine For Addiction Treatment

Patients who want to complete their treatment from home can explore telemedicine services. This will be beneficial for patients who require support and advice throughout the course of their treatment. Telemedicine support can be flexible to individual needs and match a patient’s specific schedule. 

Inpatient Treatment Services

Patients who need more support with their recovery can utilize inpatient treatment services. This will be necessary for anyone who needs round-the-clock care to ensure that they do not relapse and remain on the right treatment plan. The length of inpatient treatment plans will be determined by the extent of the duration of the substance abuse.

Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs are often used to ensure that people who are receiving inpatient support can successfully transition to a home environment. They are suitable for those experiencing a mild or moderate disorder and tend to include group sessions as well as individual treatment sessions. 

Ultimately, we recognize that there are multiple pathways to treatment. We provide a completely personalized service that is specifically designed around the individual needs of every patient. This means we can always ensure that you receive the full support you need regardless of the treatment pathway that you choose. 

If you do decide to access treatment through our services, our expert medical team at Louisville Addiction Treatment Center will work with you to ensure that a plan for treatment is based on your needs and your goals. Your treatment plan could cover a range of different therapies that will be suitable for your situation.

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