Addiction Treatment In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Opioid addiction in the US is increasing at an alarming rate and Fort Wayne, Indiana, is no different, with 1388 overdoses in total in 2020 alone and 145 of those fatal.

Methamphetamine usage has risen sharply in the area, as has the consumption of marijuana and pills.

If you are looking for addiction treatment in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you should know you have options available for you regardless of your situation.

How Much is Addiction Treatment in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Sadly one of the main barriers to getting addiction treatment in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the cost. In the first instance, calling your insurance company can determine if this type of treatment is covered and how much it will help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Another cost factor is the type of treatment plan you wish to undertake to help your recovery and be living a sober lifestyle. There are pros and cons to the different options available, and what is best for you will be determined on a case-by-case basis once you are more aware of the financial implications of your addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Options in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Many people want to start their recovery from substance abuse by detoxing. This process can be challenging but can be made easier with the expert care and attention from intensive inpatient and outpatient services, allowing them to reside in a facility for the duration of their treatment or benefit from remaining at home while still getting the same level of care and support. 

You can choose from a complete inpatient care program or partial hospitalization when detoxing. All care and progress will be monitored by medical professionals who can alleviate symptoms as detoxing from both drugs and alcohol can have less-than-desirable side effects and even be life-threatening in some circumstances.

As the Impact Outpatient Program is one of a kind, the path to long-term sobriety offers a more sustainable route to recovery, reducing the chance of relapsing. Outpatient rehab and treatment can be supported by telemed services allowing patients to access care from their homes or another location without traveling to the facility. 

Outpatient rehab programs often include both personal and group therapy sessions at a rehab center, and these sessions allow you to work through your recovery and make progress moving to the next part of your life surrounded by those who understand what you are going through and learning how to rebuild their lives too.

Aftercare services are also available for those wishing to continue with a treatment center’s support once they have successfully completed an outpatient program. Aftercare programs are less intensive than inpatient or outpatient treatment programs but can offer assistance for around 12 months after the initial program has been completed. 

There is also the option to undergo family therapy to help your loved ones understand your recovery and how you developed your addiction. This allows for a more thorough understanding for everyone involved and can offer increased levels of support for your ongoing sobriety.

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