How A Person’s Body Changes During Drug Use

It isn’t uncommon for many drug users to not think about any bodily harm when using these substances, especially in the early stages. However, different drugs affect your body in various ways. These drugs can vary from person to person based on size, physical tolerance levels, dosage, overall health, and other factors. Below are some in-depth answers to the question, “How does a person’s body change during drug use?”

How Does A Person’s Body change During Drug Use?

  • Physique – Various changes to your overall physical appearance are often the first things many people notice when you do drugs. Several drugs cause skin problems like acne and dullness because your skin doesn’t get enough vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, drugs can reduce your energy, always making you appear weak and tired. Drugs like meth can also cause bad breath, rotten teeth, and gum disease, while others can cause yellow and sunken eyes.
  • Your lungs- Marijuana smoking is likely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how drugs can damage your lungs. However, abusing prescription painkillers can also lead to respiratory depression.
  • Your liver – Drugs are toxic, and your liver has to go into overdrive to break it down. Therefore, you can suffer decreased liver function and long-term liver damage.
  • Your kidney- Certain drugs interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature, causing frequent spikes. These temperature rises can cause severe dehydration and long-term kidney damage.
  • Your heart- Drugs can destroy your cardiovascular system in various ways ranging from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks. For instance, injecting some drugs can cause bacterial infections in your heart valves. Similarly, cocaine causes strokes, cardiac arrests, and heart attacks in many users.
  • Your brain- Drugs can rewire your brain’s chemical composition, altering how they work and react to pleasure. Also, prolonged drug use can affect your brain’s functioning, causing impaired judgment, memory loss, difficulty learning, and other severe brain effects.

Treatment For Drug Addicts

Fortunately, you can reverse many bodily changes caused by drug use if you receive timely and quality treatment. Some of the various treatment options you can explore include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment- An intensive outpatient program is designed to help individuals addicted to drugs find a sustainable path to long-term recovery through quality treatment. Also, you can sign up for the outpatient program, a less intense but equally effective form of the intensive outpatient program.
  • Telemedicine- Telemedicine is an effective alternative to regular, in-person treatment models. You can sign up for telemedicine treatment if you want to get help without leaving your home, family, or employment. Telemedicine can also help you cut down on transport and care costs. 
  • Multiple pathways treatment- This approach combines various effective and proven therapies like CBT and medication-assisted therapy to treat drug addiction.

Why Choose The Impact Outpatient Program For Addiction Recovery?

Our unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment rests on evidence-based therapies and individualized plans designed to improve your chances of a genuine recovery. In addition, we are a community-focused establishment and offer judgment-free care. Contact us today to get started.

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