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by | Jul 15, 2021

Addiction can be a challenging and isolating struggle, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. If you are seeking addiction treatment in Louisville, Kentucky, there is hope.

Alcohol addiction affects hundreds of people in Louisville and greater Kentucky each year. There are those who drink on a daily basis, those who binge drink, and others who are functional alcoholics. Regardless of the level of addiction, excessive consumption of alcohol for an extended period of time causes not only physical problems but also other problems in the individual’s life — most notably in their workplace and family.

When it comes to families, alcohol addiction contributes to marital strife, neglected children, domestic abuse, and financial problems. This is in addition to the physical and mental health issues experienced by both spouses and kids of an individual struggling with alcoholism.

In the workplace, alcohol addiction can have severe consequences depending on what the person does for a living. If they work in an industrial or manufacturing environment where they have to operate heavy machinery, alcohol addiction can be catastrophic, leading to injuries. In all workplaces, addiction can lead to poor productivity, absenteeism, low morale among co-workers, high employee turnover, and poor decision-making. If it goes on long enough, you could get fired from your job, adding to a growing list of problems.

Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction in Louisville

If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. This isn’t easy. Thanks to years of stigma, being an addict is considered something to be ashamed of. You have likely spent time hiding your drinking from your friends and loved ones and maybe even from yourself. Maybe you have been rationalizing your drinking by saying you can handle it or you’re only going to have a few drinks.

Either way, you know that you have a problem and you have to face up to it to start getting better. Once you admit that you have a problem, the next step is to seek treatment to beat the addiction.

Fortunately, alcohol addiction treatment is available in Louisville. Our rehab facility focuses on making these alcohol addiction programs easily accessible and affordable for all those who need them. We offer different kinds of therapies and addiction treatment programs so you are sure to find one that suits your recovery needs and goals.

Our alcohol addiction programs include in-person Intensive Outpatient treatment as well as teletherapy and telehealth treatments for both men and women.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Louisville

Our Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program (IOP) is ideal for those who have successfully undergone detox, residential treatment, or partial hospitalization. This is a step-down program and therefore offers clients more freedom to resume the responsibilities demanded by their daily lives. It provides a way for clients to safely transition from residential treatment with constant supervision to incorporating addiction treatment into their everyday lives, minus 24-hour supervision, and care. This form of treatment is geared towards those who have a less severe alcohol addiction and provides treatment on an outpatient basis so patients do not have to reside at the facility.

To help clients overcome their addiction to alcohol, we offer the following types of therapy:

  • Individual therapy

Individual therapy is the backbone of our addiction treatment program. During these therapy sessions, you meet with your primary therapist one-on-one to explore the root cause of your addiction. Additionally, you process what you’re going through, and how the treatment is progressing, and explore any issues that come up. Your therapist will use your recovery goals to see if you are making progress and adjust these goals as the need arises. Individual therapy is invaluable as it gives you insight into your behavior and the reasons behind it. You’ll learn more about yourself and why you became addicted to alcohol in the first place. These sessions can sometimes get intense but you’ll be better for it.

  • Group therapy

Unlike individual therapy, group therapy takes place in a group setting. Here you and others taking part in our alcohol addiction treatment program will meet with a therapist who will help guide the sessions. During these sessions, the group will focus on discussing relevant issues around alcohol abuse and addiction. Participants get to share their experiences and learn from each other. This will give you a chance to receive invaluable education on alcohol addiction and also receive support and advice from peers who understand what you’re going through. Group therapy creates a safe and positive environment where you can learn to interact with others without alcohol getting in the way.

  • Family therapy

Alcohol addiction affects an individual as well as their families. For this reason, we host family therapy sessions where you can bring in your family members or close friends. These sessions can be an eye-opener as you hear accounts of how your behavior and addiction affected those close to you. Additionally, both you and your loved ones can learn about addiction and understand how it affects the family. You also learn better communication and coping methods to help prevent relapse. Perhaps the greatest benefit of family therapy is that it helps loved ones forge new relationships based on understanding and forgiveness.

  • Teletherapy

Thanks to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have realized that there’s a growing need for addiction treatment in communities across Louisville. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it difficult for everyone who needed help to access a therapist’s office. That’s why we started our teletherapy sessions. These combine technology with traditional talk therapy. The only difference is that therapy sessions are delivered via video conferencing, such as Zoom or other web-based apps. This eliminates the need for clients to commute and they can instead receive help wherever they are, even from the comfort of their homes. It gives clients privacy and flexibility to pursue addiction treatment and the convenience of having therapy sessions according to their schedules.

Alcohol addiction can make you feel frustrated, guilty, and isolated. Don’t let it take over your whole life. Help is available if you’re willing to seek it out. Get in touch with us for more on our alcohol addiction treatment programs in Louisville.

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