What Is Good To Bring To Drug Rehab For Your Stay

Going to rehab marks a huge step in your battle with addiction. It means that you have accepted you have a problem and have decided to seek help to deal with it. That’s commendable.

The next step after choosing a rehab to attend is determining what to bring with you for a better stay. Different rehabs have different requirements and it’s advisable to first speak with your rehab to get a list of recommended items.

Here are some of the things that you can bring to drug rehab for a more comfortable stay:

  • Appropriate clothing.

You’ll need a set of comfortable clothes for your rehab stay. You don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe- a few essential pieces, enough for a week or so should do. Ensure that you pack season-appropriate clothing or clothes that can be easily layered. Most rehabs offer outdoor activities as well as gym services so it’s a good idea to pack gym or outdoor clothes and sneakers for this. You may also bring along jewelry that you wear every day such as a watch or wedding ring, though it’s better to leave expensive jewelry at home.

  • Important personal documents.

You may also bring along important personal documents such as some form of ID. This could be a state-issued ID or your driver’s license. The rehab may also require a health insurance card to help process payments.

  • Unopened hygiene products and toiletries.

You can’t attend rehab without toiletries although what’s allowed differs from one rehab to another. Most rehabs, however, allow you to carry unopened toiletries and hygiene products. These are often inspected before admission. Some of the allowed items include toothpaste, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and makeup.

  • Medication that you’re taking.

It’s best to discuss any medication you’re taking with the rehab center beforehand so they can let you know whether to bring it along or not. If you’re allowed to carry medicine, ensure that you keep it in its original packaging and carry along the doctor’s prescription or a prescription card.

  • Some books or a journal.

While most of your time at the rehab will be taken up with therapy sessions, you’ll still have free time to yourself. It’s a good idea to carry some books to help pass the time. You can also choose to keep a journal of your progress. This helps you reflect on your recovery journey and can motivate you to keep going.

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