What Is It Like To Visit With A Professional From An Outpatient Rehab Center?

Working with a professional from an outpatient rehab center like Louisville Addiction Treatment Center can be a great way to tackle addiction either in your or a loved one’s life. Knowing there’s someone trained to deal with such issues on your side, readily available to work with you through the ups and downs can be incredibly motivating and supportive. And if you want to know more about working with a rehab professional, here’s an insight into day-to-day life. 

What to Expect From an Outpatient Service

When checking into a rehab center, whether for the first time or as a referral from another center, you’ll have to go through general admissions in order to understand your specific needs. A professional will be assigned to your case, who will then decide what form of treatment would work best for you. For many people that means being fast-tracked into outpatient services, but for some severe cases, a referral to the inpatient unit will be put through. 

But if you are put through to an outpatient program, it’s often a self-directed form of treatment. You’re the one in control, you have to keep your own appointments, and you have to track progress in tandem with the professional you’re working with. That’s not to say you’ll be alone in undergoing your recovery, as your outpatient professional can be contacted at any time, and will construct the therapy you receive to personally suit you and your circumstances. 

How Outpatient Services Work

When going through Intensive Outpatient And Outpatient, a professional will often work with you one on one. Many professionals build trust relationships with the cases assigned to them and are able to personalize care right down to the details as a result. The professional you’re working with will always keep you up to date on the way your treatment is moving.


Similarly, Telemed is a form of outpatient counseling that allows a professional to visit with you in your own home. In this case, they’re talking to you face to face through a screen, and are able to talk to you on your own terms. It’s a flexible way to allow for treatment access, whether you’re out of town or cannot attend for wellness reasons. Professionals often suffer from distance-related obstacles, and telemedicine bridges that gap. 

Multiple Pathways Treatment

Many rehab professionals also make use of Multiple Pathways Treatment to provide the right solution to a patient’s addiction needs. Whether you’re talking to a professional in person or you’re using a screen to facetime with them, the use of multiple pathways can give you access to more forms of care. CBT can be effectively administered, but it can be combined with a physical medicine that helps to address your entire needs as a person. 

Visiting with a professional is the first step in rehab. It takes time and a lot of effort on either side, of course, but it’s the best way to start on the road to recovery.

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