Why Do Americans Have Easy Access to Substances?

It is no secret that The United States is in the middle of an opioid epidemic. Each day, millions of Americans are struggling with addiction and many feel they have nowhere to turn. Entire towns are bereft with addiction spreading among their citizens and as major corporations are coming under fire for the roles they have been playing in the epidemic, it is becoming clearer that something has to be done. 

Americans need to know there is help available. The Louisville Addiction Treatment Center has the necessary tools to help those struggling with addiction find a path to sobriety with long-term methods that work. 

Why Are So Many Americans Struggling With Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

One of the main culprits to why Americans have such easy access to opioids is that many medical professionals prescribe them at an alarming rate. Pain management has become a sect of medicine in the United States that sees growing numbers and great results, but at what cost? 

As many Americans are finding new ways to manage their pain, doctors and medical professionals treat the symptoms more than they treat the cause of the pain. Many patients have their pain managed with pain killers, and before long, patients are becoming addicted. Many in the medical field continue to prescribe the meds because of the financial gain they receive from pharmaceutical companies. 

Heroin Is Cheap

It’s true. Heroin is one of the cheapest drugs someone can buy off the street. In many instances, people become addicted to painkillers and then build a tolerance to the medication. When that happens, they cannot get as high as they want. What happens next is that they look for something stronger. What’s stronger than prescription-grade painkillers? Heroin. Heroin is a drug that is easily found and it costs just a few dollars to buy enough to get you high.

Alcohol Is Legal

Alcohol is literally on every street corner in every store. As long as you are not operating a vehicle or being disruptive, you can drink as much as you can handle. For this reason, many Americans find themselves with an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the biggest outpatient programs for alcohol abuse, and meetings are found everywhere because the problem is that large. Alcohol is glamorized in the media, and it is paired with everything from sporting events, to dinners, celebrations, and unwinding after a long day. It’s a drug that is pushed on just about every American.

When Should Someone Seek Help?

Choosing to admit yourself to our Impact Outpatient Program is the first step in reaching your sobriety goals. Everyone who walks through our doors is treated with respect. Do not feel as if people are looking at you and judging. Addiction is a disease and there is no shame in having a disease. We also offer telemedicine for those who choose to work through our program in the comfort of their own home. 

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