Addiction is a formidable foe in our society, and those who struggle with it often feel like they are fighting an uphill battle. That’s why it’s so important to have effective treatment options available. At Impact IOP, we believe that addiction treatment should be tailored to the individual, supporting the unique needs and circumstances of each person. Our addiction treatment services offer a range of approaches designed to help promote healing and recovery. From evidence-based therapies to community support groups, our programs are designed to provide the guidance and support needed for a successful recovery journey. With compassionate care and experienced professionals, Impact IOP is committed to helping those battling addiction find lasting hope and healing.

Impact Outpatient Program is a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center that offers addiction treatment services and a path to lasting, sustainable recovery.

Community Focused. Impact Outpatient Program’s foundation is based on serving the local community and surrounding areas in the fight against addiction.

Evidence-Based Therapies. From medication-assisted therapy to CBT and process groups, we utilize a number of proven & effective therapies to treat addiction.

Community Focused. Impact Outpatient Program’s foundation is based on serving the local community and surrounding areas in the fight against addiction.

Judgement-Free Care. When you enter the program at Impact, you will receive compassionate, judgment-free care from our staff and your fellow peers.

What Is The Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?
What Is The Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?
What Is The Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

Introduction to Addiction Treatment Services

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For many years, addiction was considered a moral failing. Unfortunately, many members of the medical and mental communities shared the common view of society that addiction was a voluntary choice. Those struggling with addiction were stigmatized and out of stigma developed fear and avoidance of potentially life-saving care. Fortunately, the view on addiction has changed. Today, it is understood that addiction is a disease. It is a chronic struggle that is not easily or voluntarily defeated. Each year in the United States, more than twenty-one million people (some as young as age twelve) struggle with an addiction to at least one substance.

Many have addictions to multiple substances or struggle with the symptoms of a dual diagnosis condition. A dual diagnosis occurs when you experience symptoms related to addiction and a mental health condition. Unfortunately, even under the best of circumstances only a small percentage, often less than ten percent, of those needing addiction treatment services will ever seek or receive potentially life-saving treatment at an addiction treatment center in Kentucky.

Addiction is a complex disease that has detrimental, sometimes irreversible impacts on the structure and function of the brain and other body systems. If you struggle with addiction the overwhelming and intense focus on finding and using a specific substance often clouds all other obligations and responsibilities. Because of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain, it is not uncommon for someone with an addiction to continue to use drugs or alcohol even when they are well aware of the negative consequences that come with ongoing or regular use.

Each substance has unique impacts on the brain and body, but the most common relate to how a particular substance impacts the reward centers of the brain. When someone first starts using drugs or alcohol, it triggers the brain to release dopamine, the chemical responsible for feelings of joy and pleasure. With time and ongoing use, someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol often finds they are unable to achieve feelings of enjoyment once found in everyday activities without substances. Also, as time passes and a dependency on drugs or alcohol grows, the amount of the substance needed to attain the level of pleasure found early on continues to increase leading to a need for compressive addiction treatment to help achieve sobriety.

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Our intensive outpatient program helps those addicted to drugs & alcohol is finding a sustainable path to long-term recovery through continued, long-term treatment.



The outpatient program at Impact Outpatient Program is a step-down level of care program that incorporates the foundations of our core program on a less intense basis.

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Impact Outpatient Program offers multiple pathways to addiction recovery through traditional and evidence-based programming at our Louisville area treatment center.



Our intensive outpatient program helps those addicted to drugs & alcohol is finding a sustainable path to long-term recovery through continued, long-term treatment.

What to Expect When Entering an Alcohol
Treatment Program in Kentucky

At our treatment centers we understand that the struggles each person faces with drug or alcohol addiction are individual and unique. While two people may experience challenges related to drugs or alcohol, the symptoms, and difficulties they experience on the road to sobriety will not be the same. When entering an alcohol treatment program in Kentucky, our treatment staff will work with you to design a treatment program to meet your specific needs. During your time in our treatment program, you will work to heal while enjoying a safe, supported treatment setting with a vast array of traditional and alternative therapy options. We provide our clients a variety of holistic and evidence-based treatments to help alleviate anxiety, stress and find freedom from a life of addiction.

Although all quality addiction treatment services strive to provide comprehensive addiction treatment care, not all programs are created with the same treatment capabilities. When entering an alcohol treatment program in Kentucky, it is important to consider your treatment needs and how your chosen program will address those. Depending on your addiction, the first step in your treatment program may be detoxification services. Detoxing and withdrawing from certain substances, including alcohol and opioids can lead to severe medical emergencies. In a medically supervised detox setting, trained medical staff is available to support you throughout the detoxification process. While unpleasant and difficult, detox is a vital component in the treatment process. Only after our body has cleansed itself of substances can we fully immerse ourselves in an addiction treatment program.

After detox is complete, you can transition into a therapeutic program. During therapy, your treatment team will use various different treatment models including traditional and alternative therapies, to help you learn about and understand the roots of your addiction. As part of individual, group, and family therapy sessions, you will learn and practice new ways to manage cravings and triggers without turning to alcohol or drugs.

You can also expect to receive guidance in other areas as well. Our treatment program in Kentucky has trained staff on-site to help with medical, nutritional, and other holistic supports throughout the treatment process. Our goal is for you to achieve sobriety in a relaxed and safe setting, free of stressors and distractions. As your treatment program comes to an end, you will work with your treatment team to design a comprehensive aftercare program. It is vital to remember that addiction treatment does not suddenly end upon discharge from a Kentucky addiction treatment center.

Participating in an aftercare program is a beneficial way for program alumni to receive ongoing support during the earliest and often, most challenging days of recovery. Most aftercare programs consist of ongoing therapy, medical appointments, and group therapy opportunities including 12-step programs. Many programs also provide access to other essential services such as sober living arrangements, educational and employment assistance, financial education programs, alumni programs and much more depending on your individual needs and interests. Alumni programs provide an ongoing opportunity to maintain contact with like-minded peers while participating in sober group activities and events.

Impact Outpatient Program is a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center that offers a path to lasting, sustainable recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Services In Kentucky


Addiction Treatment Services In Kentucky


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Our Top-Rated Addiction Treatment Center in Kentucky

If you, or a loved one, struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is essential to seek treatment at our top-rated addiction treatment center in Kentucky today. Located in Mount Washington, Kentucky, we will work with you (and your family) to create a treatment plan specific to your needs as you focus on your physical, psychological and spiritual health on your path to sobriety. We understand that seeking treatment is not easy and often comes with various fears, concerns, and questions. What will happen at treatment? Can I leave my family? What is rehab like? These questions and more add to the difficult decision many struggling addicts face when deciding to seek treatment. Although the decision and the process may not be easy, there is no better day than today to begin your recovery journey. Reach out to our admissions team today at Impact to learn more about how our addiction treatment center in Kentucky can help you get sober.

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How Can Going to a Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Kentucky Help?

Addiction treatment is an essential, important step in helping someone struggling with addiction to attain sobriety in a safe, healthy, and supported environment. Depending on the treatment center in Kentucky, treatment may occur in various settings, last for varying lengths of time and include different combinations of evidence-based traditional therapies and alternative treatment models designed to help you achieve your specific treatment needs and goals. Like many other chronic diseases, addiction is a life-long condition often characterized by periods of recovery and instances of relapse. Statistics indicate as many as 60% of those who complete, and addiction treatment program will experience at least one incidence of relapse. For most, defeating addiction is a life-long process that involves learning, practice, and support.

At a drug abuse treatment center in Kentucky, our treatment team will work with you to design the most comprehensive addiction treatment services possible. Many drug abuse and alcohol abuse treatment programs use a combination of therapies to help someone struggling with addiction learn and practice healthier and safer ways to manage triggers and addictive behaviors. It is essential to seek treatment at a quality addiction treatment center in Kentucky to ensure you can achieve sobriety in the safest, healthiest manner possible. Because detox and withdrawal can often be complicated (and in some cases dangerous, a medically assisted detox program followed by comprehensive addiction treatment therapy safely begins the process of healing.


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