Drug addiction is a serious problem that requires a dedicated effort to solve. With a drug rehab center in Lexington, KY, clients will have access to the care and resources they need to overcome their addiction. Our facility offers a wide range of services, from counseling and therapy to medical treatment and detox programs. Our professional staff is experienced in helping clients navigate the challenges of addiction and will work with each individual to develop a tailored treatment plan. With a focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive care, Impact IOP is dedicated to helping those in need on the path to recovery.

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Introduction to Addiction in Lexington, KY

Addiction rates are rising across the country, and we are seeing similar concerns within Fayette County. The Commonwealth of Kentucky released a report regarding the fatal overdoses that occurred in 2020 in our state. Fayette County had a reported 150 fatal overdoses in 2020. Fayette County had the second most fentanyl-related and methamphetamine-related overdoses.

In 2018, the city of Lexington received 2 million dollars to use towards the destruction left behind by the opioid epidemic.

Almost 50,000 individuals lose their lives from opioid overdose in the United States every year.

Prescription drugs can be misused, and can this can lead to addiction. The misuse of pain medications led to approximately 6,249 individuals seeking addiction treatment in 2010.

4,159 individuals sought addiction treatment for alcohol use in the state of Kentucky alone. 3,247 additional individuals sought treatment for abusing another substance with alcohol. The rate of alcohol addiction in Kentucky has been decreasing.

The rates of cocaine use have increased in recent years. This is likely influenced by the continued availability of cocaine in our state. 1,178 individuals sought addiction treatment for their use of cocaine use. Of the individuals who sought treatment for their cocaine addiction were almost half women (51.4%) and men (48.5).

Methamphetamine is a growing concern in our state. Kentucky has one of the highest rates for meth labs in the country. In 2010, 1,027 individuals in our state engaged in addiction treatment for their use of meth.

Marijuana is one of the top 5 misused drugs within our state and has been a consistent concern over the years.

Thankfully, we have approximately 285 treatment facilities within Kentucky that are equipped to treat addiction concerns. These treatment programs are located around the state and vary in the level of care they offer within their program. If you are looking at rehab treatment centers for you or a loved one, continue reading for suggestions on what to look for in your treatment provider.

Impact Outpatient Program is a one-of-a-kind outpatient drug & alcohol treatment center that offers a path to lasting, sustainable recovery.

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What to Look for in a Lexington, KY Drug Rehab ​

Unfortunately, one of the top factors that play a role in the decision-making process for addiction treatment is the cost. Making sure that your insurance is accepted will make a significant difference in your out-of-pocket cost. If you call your insurance company, they should be able to walk you through your policy and discuss your potential responsibility for treatment.

The location would be another important factor to look at. Many individuals benefit from having their treatment program near home. This can help an individual begin to create their sober support network at home. While there are others that feel as though having some distance from home and the people they were using benefited them in early recovery. There is no denying that both options have pros and cons; the decision will come down to you and what you feel is best for your lifestyle.

The next step would be to determine what level of care you need. Many individuals start with a detox program. This allows your body to detox from all substances while being monitored by trained medical staff. Depending on what you are using, detox will be uncomfortable and, in some cases, life-threatening. Medical staff would be able to alleviate some of the common symptoms while detoxing as well as monitor for any health crises that may arise while detoxing.

Inpatient rehab programs in Lexington are ideal for individuals who have a severe drug or alcohol use disorder and those who have just completed a detox program. The length of your inpatient program will vary based on your specific needs. Individuals who would benefit from mental health services would be able to receive them at the inpatient rehab setting. Ideally, you would want to choose a program that has a diverse staff with years of experience in treating addiction. Your treatment will benefit from the diversity of the clinical staff. Different programs offer specialized services that you could utilize well.

Partial hospitalization programs will have you attend treatment at the Lexington rehab program while living at home. You will still gain the thorough and intensive treatment that you would be exposed to if you went to an inpatient rehab program. Similarly to your inpatient programs, it is essential to ask questions about the doctors, nurses, and counselors who will be providing treatment. Many find that having the rehab program near home makes traveling to treatment more convenient. As with inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs may offer specialized treatment that you can take advantage of.

Intensive Outpatient programs, also known as IOP, can be used as a transition for those who were in an inpatient rehab program and are returning to their environment at home. IOP programs are also a good fit for those who are struggling with a mild or moderate use disorder. Group sessions tend to be longer and, as the name infers, more intense than other group therapy sessions. IOP programs may include a small number of individual sessions as well. The amount of group therapy you engage in is often determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you are getting the care that you need.

Outpatient rehab programs typically include both group and individual therapy at a drug rehab center. Research has shown that there are significant benefits of having group therapy with addiction treatment. Group sessions allow you to relate to others in a safe environment and have your thoughts and feelings validated. Addiction is an isolating disease, and many find it challenging to build a sober support network in recovery. Group therapy sessions can give you an opportunity to practice your social skills. Outpatient treatment programs should also be able to address any mental health concerns you have as well. Drugs and alcohol can be used to mask mental health symptoms, so failing to address them is leaving you more susceptible to relapse after leaving.

Aftercare programming is often available to individuals who completed an outpatient program successfully and would like to stay connected to a treatment center for support. The length of these programs can vary. However, they typically last one year. Aftercare programs are usually less time-consuming than outpatient and focus more on group therapy.

Family therapy is a great resource to take advantage of if you can. Addiction affects the entire family unit. Learning to have healthy boundaries as well as knowing the unhealthy aspects that can be changed can be a healthy change for everyone involved.

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Why Travel to Impact IOP from Lexington ​

Impact IOP is a drug rehab near Lexington, Ky. We offer outpatient addiction services in the heart of Mt. Washington. As noted above, IOP is ideal for those who struggle with a mild use disorder and those who have just completed an inpatient treatment program. This is a great segway into your recovery at home.

Our IOP program will entail 15-25 hours of intense group therapy and typically one hour of individual therapy. We only use the best evidence-based practices and are able to tweak our program to reflect personalized care for men and women. We are a fully inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly environment. We are able to cater your treatment specifically to your needs and will work with you to meet you where you are.

Our Lexington drug rehab is a modern and comfortable facility that we think you would be quite comfortable in. We designed it in a way that can help you focus on your treatment.

Our drug rehab program is approximately an hour and a half west of Lexington. We specialize in both alcohol and various drug addictions. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate and supportive care, and we recognize the stigma and barriers that someone may face when beginning their recovery. We are here to support you in this transition.



Our intensive outpatient program helps those addicted to drugs & alcohol is finding a sustainable path to long-term recovery through continued, long-term treatment.



The outpatient program at Impact Outpatient Program is a step-down level of care program that incorporates the foundations of our core program on a less intense basis.

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Impact Outpatient Program offers multiple pathways to addiction recovery through traditional and evidence-based programming at our Louisville area treatment center.



Our intensive outpatient program helps those addicted to drugs & alcohol is finding a sustainable path to long-term recovery through continued, long-term treatment.

Get Help at Our Drug Rehab in Lexington, KY

When you first come to meet with us at Impact IOP, we will take the time to learn about you and your struggles with addiction. This allows us to determine your treatment plan and decide if there are any specialized programming that you would benefit from.

We are able to provide mental health treatment for common struggles seen with addiction. Our clinicians work hard to meet you where you are and support you through your recovery.

Our Outpatient rehab for Lexington involves group and individual therapy. With outpatient treatment, you will continue to stay at home and commute to our treatment center for therapy.

If you are worried about yourself, or someone you love, we invite you to call us our rehab center for Lexington at (502) 912-1038. We are proud to be a rehab program for Lexington and to work with those who live here.

Addiction Treatment Services In Kentucky


Addiction Treatment Services In Kentucky


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