Addiction In The Workplace And The Need For Louisville Addiction Treatment

Addiction in the workplace is an unfortunate reality for many businesses, and more importantly, the professionals that staff them.

It’s no secret that certain industries and workplaces can prove fertile ground for the development of substance or alcohol issues. For instance, the hospitality industry, with its hard labor, long hours, and proximity to the nightlife scene can often lead those working within it to fall back on substance abuse, eventually leading to addiction.

Furthermore, certain high-profit, high-prestige industries have related substance abuse to a sense of status in the past, and while attitudes have shifted, access to and celebration of substance use or party culture is far from unheard of. No matter if you’ve relied on alcohol to get you through a tough shift or you’ve begun bringing your addiction into your workplace, the need for change is essential.

No matter how you may have come to a substance abuse or alcohol issue, if you’re using illicit substances and having your personal and professional life upended because of your spiraling behavior, the time is now to seek help.

You may need our Louisville addiction treatment.

Harmful Consequences of Addiction

There are many harmful consequences that can come from addiction in the workplace. This can include:

  • Having to hide your habit and feeling terrified that your colleagues or boss will find out.
  • Potentially making your workplace a party to your addiction issues by bringing illicit substances on campus.
  • Being incapable of following correct safety procedures due to your intoxicated state.
  • Missing shifts or calling in late often, experiencing disciplinary procedures because of this.
  • Lacking productivity and being unable to meet deadlines.
  • Being unable to attend social events on the calendar. This may lead to colleague concerns.
  • Putting yourself or your clients in harm’s way.
  • Potentially risking your employment prospects and professional reputation due to this issue.

All of this is important of course, but perhaps the worst symptom is that you will be expressly damaging your health and well-being. The need for Louisville addiction treatment can help you make lasting changes.

The Need For Change

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hold back, and don’t feel as if you are alone. Contacting Louisville addiction rehab services and working on the first steps with them is essential. This can help you ultimately write a plan of contact to help explain to your boss what your struggles are, and how you can ameliorate the situation.

This can help you preserve your professional candor while suspending your employment as you get the help you need. 

Addiction Services We Provide

Louisville addiction rehab offers a full-breadth service, including intensive outpatient programs, teletherapy for both men and women (designed for convenience), and aid for a range of complex addictions.

We are concretely confidential in how we handle your data and regard you as a client.

Furthermore, our step-by-step program helps simplify the process of recovery, making sure this process feels like less of a mountain to climb, but a process you can accomplish with little help.

If you’re suffering from addiction in the workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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