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Current figures from the CDC show that marijuana is the most popular drug of choice in Nashville. However, Tennessee ranks second in the country for opioid abuse, and the prevalence of prescription drug addiction is increasing. 

In 2020, Nashville experienced a 32% rise in fatal drug overdose, indicating that substance abuse issues are growing and more Nashville residents are becoming addicted to substances than ever before.

Finding the proper addiction treatment in Nashville can be an overwhelming experience. In 2020, only 4 million people sought help for their addiction. Research shows that those who have the proper intervention during the withdrawal process and through recovery can have a better chance of maintaining sobriety in the long term. 

Admitting you have a problem and seeking help is a big step in addressing your addiction and getting you on the right path.

What Addiction Treatment in Nashville, Tennessee is Available?

Individuals wishing to seek assistance with becoming sober and withdrawing from drug abuse in Nashville have different options when it comes to the right treatment plan for them.

The first step is to determine the cost, and contacting your insurer can help you start the journey. If you are covered for some or all of your treatment, this can significantly reduce your expenses and allows you to narrow down your best options for recovery.

Withdrawal from any substance can be demanding and unpleasant on the body and the mind. Many people feel they can do this alone; however, having a trained medical professional on hand to assist and ease the symptoms of withdrawal can make this process easier for you as well as allow any potentially fatal health concerns to be caught and addressed quickly. For this reason, many people decide that inpatient treatment is the best option for them so they get the most support as they wean their bodies from drug or alcohol dependency.

Inpatient treatments require people to remain at a facility to receive treatment devised by addiction specialists for a predetermined period. For those wishing to obtain more mental health support, inpatient treatment is often the best course of action.

Intensive outpatient care can be as successful as inpatient care. Depending on your circumstances, it can be carried out in a more informal setting, allowing you to reside at a different location and travel to and from the center for treatment or engage with Telemed services. However, the location of the treatment center can often play a big part in whether or not people choose inpatient or outpatient care.

All drug rehab programs can be personalized for individuals to ensure they get the right rehab experience for their addiction to support their recovery. The length of your inpatient or outpatient treatments can depend on your specific needs.

Choosing Multiple Pathways Treatment, Impact Outpatient program, or other services, including ongoing aftercare to support your continued recovery and family counseling, can be determined in cooperation with your treatment center, which works with you to provide the right level of care and support at each part of your recovery journey.
The first step in becoming sober is admitting you need help and choosing addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee can help you get the right treatment for you.

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