Afraid To Lose Your Children When Getting Admitted To Alcohol Rehab Center?

If you have children, going to rehab can make the decision so much harder. While the effects of your addiction can massively impact your lifestyle, additional treatment when you have children can seem like an added difficulty.

Many parents are worried that admitting they have a problem and seeking treatment will lead them to lose custody of their children. This is often the main factor in deciding if they wish to pursue inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, if any at all. 

Rehabilitation is essential, especially if you have children, but understanding the process and knowing if you will lose your children if you get admitted to rehab can help you make sense of the process and understand what is happening.

Families and Addiction

Being afraid to lose your children when you enter rehab for addiction is a real fear. However, people shouldn’t underestimate the impact the habit will already have had on children of any age, regardless of how well you think you are hiding your problem. Just admitting you need help and considering treatment can significantly improve family relations and enhance your relationship with your children.

You should remember, though, that not seeking treatment can also lead to losing your children should you be unable to care for them due to substance abuse.

Substance abuse by parents can lead to many unwanted situations in the family, including:

  • Increased risk of accidental harm to children
  • Increased risk of physical and sexual abuse
  • Poor living conditions
  • Hunger due to not being able to afford food or no one making meals
  • Domestic violence
  • Lower education/missed education
  • Constant upheaval and disruption
  • Neglected health issues

Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse As A Parent

In many cases, parents will have various options open to them when it comes to addiction recovery and rehab programs. Choosing an intensive inpatient program for your recovery can be highly beneficial in many cases, especially those that involve the court. It shows the court you are aware of your addiction and want to make changes to overcome this. Should you be at risk of losing custody, this can work in your favor and help you make amends and do the right thing for your children.

While there will always be the risk of losing your children, seeking treatment should never be dependent on this risk. There is a greater risk of losing custody of your children if you neglect to seek help for your addiction.

Rehab can be accessed in different ways depending on the support and assistance you need for withdrawals, detoxing, and ongoing sobriety. Choosing one-of-a-kind outpatient treatment such as Impact Outpatient Treatment can offer you a greater chance of success in maintaining your sobriety in the future and enable you to stay at home with your family while receiving the treatment you need. 

Add family counseling options to help your children understand the process and learn the tools required to successfully rebuild relationships to reduce further the risk of losing custody of your children.
Telemed services are available from the rehab center and Multiple Pathways Treatment for continued success on the road to recovery.

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