Drug & Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment Center Supporting Shelbyville, Kentucky

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an uptick in the rate of drug and alcohol abuse in Kentucky. Given the impact of addiction on the addict, those around them, and the community at large, there’s a great need for quality addiction treatment programs.

Residents of Shelbyville who are looking for addiction treatment centers have the option of traveling for rehab or staying local. If you choose the latter, then consider getting treatment from Impact Outpatient Program in Louisville, Kentucky. We are an addiction treatment center supporting Shelbyville along with the larger Kentucky and our mission is to make addiction treatment affordable for all who need it.

Why Choose Impact Outpatient Program?

If you, or your loved one, are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, then the Impact Outpatient Program can help. Here are 5 reasons why:

Variety of treatment programs

For starters, here at Impact, we believe that addiction affects people differently. That is why we offer a range of addiction treatment programs including intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care. We also offer family therapy to help families learn how to reconnect and rebuild their lives after addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment Center Supporting Shelbyville, Kentucky

Personalized treatment plan

Once you come to our treatment center, we will conduct an assessment to verify your level of addiction and your health status, among others. This initial assessment helps us determine your treatment needs and then use them to create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Affordable care and treatment

Quality addiction treatment isn’t cheap and can quickly burn a hole in your finances. To prevent this, we work with most major insurance carriers to make treatment affordable. When you arrive at our treatment center, we’ll verify your insurance coverage to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs.

Virtual telemedicine sessions

To make treatment accessible, we offer telemedicine sessions. These are held virtually and are aimed at those who can’t make it for in-person treatment sessions. Thanks to our telemedicine sessions, you can attend therapy and receive care and keep up with your treatment wherever you are. You don’t even have to leave home.

Simplified admissions process

We also have a simplified admissions process. When you arrive at our Kentucky addiction treatment center, you’ll be given a free assessment to see if you match any of our treatment programs. 

After this, we’ll schedule an initial consultation and intake appointment where you’ll work with a treatment professional to uncover your needs. You’ll also work together to come up with a personalized treatment plan. Once this is done, we’ll match you with a treatment program and you can begin treatment within 24 hours.

If you’re a resident of Shelbyville, Kentucky and you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to contact the Impact Outpatient Program. We are ready to help you beat addiction and go on to live a healthy, productive life.

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What We Treat

What We Treat

Impact Outpatient Program offers treatment for a variety of addictions and co-ocurring disorders at our Louisville area outpatient drug rehab center.
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