How Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs Help You Keep Your Job During Recovery

If you’re dealing with addiction and hope to keep your job, your best bet is to seek addiction treatment. There are different addiction treatment programs available to suit your needs. One of the best options if you can’t take time off work for rehab treatment is to attend an outpatient treatment program.

An outpatient treatment program is suited for those who have a mild substance abuse problem with no co-occurring ailments and with a strong support system at home. If you are looking for more intensive care on an outpatient basis, you can attend an intensive outpatient treatment program. This offers the same level of treatment as a residential treatment program, without the residency.

How Outpatient Treatment Programs Help You

Here are some of the ways an outpatient addiction treatment program can help you keep your job during recovery:

By providing flexibility and freedom. Outpatient programs are flexible and are tailored around your schedule. You only have to attend the treatment sessions for a certain number of hours on select days of the week. This gives you the freedom to maintain your work obligations while still receiving the treatment you need. If attending the sessions in person is a challenge, you can opt for telemedicine outpatient treatment where you can communicate with your therapist and receive treatment from anywhere.

By allowing you to remain at home during treatment. With outpatient treatment programs, you don’t have to reside at a treatment facility. You go home after your treatment. This way, you can keep receiving support and assistance from family and friends throughout your recovery, giving you the motivation to keep going.

Offering easy integration to aftercare and alumni programs. Here at Impact Outpatient Program in Louisville, Kentucky, clients can easily transition to the aftercare or alumni program after outpatient treatment. This allows you to continue receiving addiction therapy while still maintaining the peer relationships you forged in therapy. Additionally, you get to interact with others in a similar situation who can give invaluable advice on how to deal with work and other stressors in your life.

Helping you stay accountable. You need a way to remain accountable during recovery, especially if you’re still maintaining your work schedule. Attending an outpatient treatment program allows you to set and work on your recovery goals in an individual or group setting. Knowing that you have to attend therapy and treatment sessions, may provide additional motivation for you to remain sober throughout treatment.

Giving you a chance to strengthen the skills you’ve learned. Attending an outpatient treatment program while working gives you a chance to put the skills you learn into practice. This includes coping with the stress of work, anger management as well as identifying and avoiding your triggers. Practicing these skills can make you a better employee and help you keep your job.

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