How Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs Help You Keep Your Job During Recovery

If you are experiencing substance abuse, you might worry about losing your job when considering rehab. But outpatient programs are specifically designed to help you keep your job during the recovery process. Flexible home- or evening-based programs allow individuals to retain their employment while working towards a life of sobriety. Here’s how outpatient addiction treatment programs help you keep your job during recovery.

They Can Fit Around Your Work Hours

Many outpatient programs take place between one to three days a week and offer a combination of clinical- and counseling-based treatment. These programs often take place in a block of hours in the morning or evening, allowing individuals to keep their job and have time to work and recover at the same time.

Outpatient Programs Can Unpick Additional Stressors

Substance abuse can often be tied to additional stressors, such as work-related anxiety. Outpatient programs can offer additional support and therapy to those struggling to cope with work stress. Tailored outpatient programs can provide a variety of solutions for both mental and physical health requirements. Outpatient programs can help individuals fulfill both their own needs and their daily job.

Provide Extra Security In Your Role

For many people working while in recovery, showing they are seeking support reassures employers that there is a solution in place. While employers can’t discriminate based on addiction, the individual needs to show that they are receiving help. An outpatient program shows the employer that you are seeking treatment. The management team will feel more relaxed, while you can attend your outpatient addiction treatment program.

Support When You Need To Take Time Off

If your job has demands that conflict with your outpatient addiction program, you may need to take time off. By registering with an outpatient addiction treatment program, you can show your employer that you are seeking support. This can help provide some evidence and reasoning for when you need to take some additional time off work to recover. Your recovery is the most important priority, but for many having support with time off work is a vital step in living free from substance abuse.

Gain The Tools You Need To Succeed

An outpatient recovery program can help you with the skills you need to succeed in life. From medical support to therapy-based solutions, recovery is designed to help individuals become self-sufficient in a life free from drug or alcohol addiction. If substance abuse adversely affected your job performance, then recovery and new life skills should transform this into a success. Addiction can impact relationships with co-workers, your ability to focus, and your reputation. The skills you learn in recovery will help you regain these life skills, so you can continue to thrive at work.

Recovering from substance abuse doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Outpatient addiction treatment programs create a middle ground for those that need to earn while recovering. While it might seem daunting to tell your manager that you need some help, outpatient programs are the perfect way to show you are working towards your recovery.

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