How Substance Abuse Affect Veterans and Their Families

People who serve their country can experience severe issues when it’s time to come home. This can include various forms of substance abuse. Veterans can start having issues with sustenance abuse while they are still on tour. 

Or, they may develop a habit once they return home to their families. This isn’t just detrimental to their own well-being, it can have a ripple effect on their families as well. This is why it’s important to understand the support that is available for veterans struggling with addiction including an addiction treatment center

Why Do Veterans Struggle with Addiction? 

Veterans can struggle with addiction and substance abuse because they are suffering from PTSD. PTSD has long-lasting consequences and it will often be difficult for veterans to deal with it without the right professional support. 

Veterans who return home can also have trouble readjusting to their daily life and may find it difficult to gain steady work. This puts them under more emotional pressure and as a result, they can turn to addiction. 

What Types of Addiction Can Veterans Struggle With? 

Veterans can struggle with both drug addiction and alcohol addiction. There’s no reason why they will choose one over the other. It will often depend on what they are exposed to and what is available to them at any given point. 

How Does Substance Abuse Impact Veterans and Their Families?

Substance abuse will impact veterans in a variety of ways. They may experience changes in their emotions including severe mood swings. They could become more irritable and less reliable. This can put a strain on their personal and professional relationships. 

Family members can be victims of these mood swings and may quickly find themselves struggling to connect with the veteran who is struggling with substance abuse. This can lead to continued trauma as well as isolation. 

What Support is Available for Veterans with Substance Abuse and Their Families?

If you or your loved one is struggling with addictions there are options available in terms of drug rehab and alcohol rehab. 

The first step should be to contact an admissions team to discuss the available options for treatment. Admission to a treatment center for drug treatment or alcohol treatment will typically be voluntary. However, it can also involve an intervention with family members. 

In some cases, a stay at a treatment center may not be suitable. Particularly, if you have various professional and personal responsibilities. In cases like this, telemedicine can be more beneficial. 

It means that you can get the support that you require on a remote basis. You will be able to continue your daily life while gaining the right support from the comfort of your home. 

Alternatively, an intensive outpatient treatment program provides a long-lasting, sustainable approach to addiction recovery for people who have been struggling to stay on the right path or who need additional support.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that substance abuse can impact veterans as well as their family members and the help that is available.

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