How The Best Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers Offer Drug Detox

Before getting started on any addiction treatment program, it is recommended that you undergo detox first. This is one of our procedures upon admission to our outpatient rehab facility in Louisville, Kentucky. We want all our clients to have the best chance at beating addiction and therefore do our best to help them achieve their recovery goals. Undergoing detoxification is a key part of that.

But why is detoxification so important as part of the recovery process? Well, drugs work by changing how the brain and bodywork. Most drugs affect the reward center of the brain and stimulate the release of the “feel-good hormone” – dopamine. Over time, both the brain and body become dependent on the drug to function. When this drug is suddenly withdrawn, the brain goes into shock, leading to a range of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms and individual experiences depend on the type of drug they use, how long they’ve been taking the drug, and in what quantities as well as their physical and mental health. While some withdrawal symptoms are mild, others can be serious enough to pose a threat to the individual’s life. That’s why detoxing from drugs should be done under medical supervision.

Goals of Drug Detox in Outpatient Treatment Programs

For those struggling with addiction to make the most of an outpatient treatment program, they need to be in the right mental and physical health. Detoxification is the body’s way of getting rid of harmful toxins from drugs, leaving the individual more receptive to other treatments.

Here’s why medically assisted drug detox is done:

  1. To minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. Certain medications may be given to mitigate more serious withdrawal symptoms.
  2. To medically stabilize individuals. Some people may experience tremors, hallucinations, and other serious symptoms once they stop taking drugs. Medically managed detox ensures that these people remain stable throughout the process.
  3. To help individuals transition into other addiction treatment programs. Once the toxins are out of the body, most people are ready to get started on other treatment programs in the continuum of care e.g. intensive outpatient programs. These can be done on a residential or outpatient basis or even through telemedicine.

Detox on an Outpatient Basis

Attending detox as part of an outpatient program means that you’ll have more flexibility and freedom than doing it on an inpatient basis. This allows you to continue meeting your work, school, or family responsibilities. However, this type of detox is only suitable for those with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms and those with a strong support system at home.

Upon admission to Impact Outpatient Program, we will evaluate you to assess the extent of your addiction before recommending a detox and addiction treatment program to suit your individual needs. We have helped others just like you to overcome addiction to drugs and can do the same for you.

Contact us today and get started on your recovery journey.

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