Telehealth For Addiction In Louisville

by | Jul 9, 2021

Addiction can be a challenging and isolating struggle, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. If you are seeking addiction treatment in Louisville, Kentucky, there is hope.

Addiction is a problem that doesn’t just impact individuals but can damage relationships, give way to irreversible damage, and cause hurt and harm to many lives. We provide a wide range of services, including intensive outpatient services, outpatient programs, as well as teletherapy and telehealth for addiction in Louisville.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Substance and alcohol abuse are massive problems for hundreds of people in the Louisville area. It has wide-ranging implications, not just for the person struggling with addiction, but also for the people closest to them. Overcoming any form of addiction is a challenge without getting any help. Our intensive outpatient program is a solution to help people who are making excuses for rehabilitation. 

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a form of substance abuse rehab. Treatment is offered part-time with people going home after each individual session. This is a more time-intensive approach in comparison to typical outpatient programs in the Louisville area. Individuals experiencing addiction visit the treatment center for a few hours at a time, for several days a week, ensuring they have long-term care while maintaining a balanced life. 

IOP programs are part of a step down after completing an inpatient treatment program. It helps individuals ease their way back into a normal routine while still working on their recovery. Therefore, IOP programs are ideal for people with less severe addictions, as they require the individual to be motivated to attend therapy sessions. It is intended as a bridging process between inpatient treatment and easing back to normal life. Group counseling, addiction education, individual therapy, medication management, as well as regular monitoring of alcohol and drug use form the key components of our IOP treatment.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient programs are beneficial for individuals experiencing addiction as they can attend treatments several days a week while still living at home, which provides minimal disruption to their daily life, and they can receive all the benefits of long-term treatment, including counseling and/or medication. 

The treatments depend on the individual and may consist of therapy sessions for several hours, which are gradually reduced depending on the individual’s recovery process. An outpatient program is beneficial for individuals who have mild-to-moderate addiction, have supportive home environments, and are doing well without any withdrawal symptoms, while also being able to commit to their daily lives without relapses.


If you are looking for providers of telehealth addiction in Louisville, this pioneering service forms part of our treatment package. Teletherapy sessions are almost identical to traditional therapy, but with the added benefit of distance to help the individual when they need it the most despite not being able to attend in person. 

Teletherapy consists of therapy provided by a certified therapist using a secure video connection. A key component of addiction recovery is creating and maintaining connections, and teletherapy helps individuals experiencing addiction join virtual counseling sessions, including group therapy. You can also meet with a counselor on a one-to-one basis while staying in the comfort of your own home. 

Individuals that benefit from outpatient therapy may have already completed inpatient treatments and are looking for the next step in their recovery. It is also beneficial for people who live in remote areas or do not have transportation. Teletherapy has proven beneficial in light of the COVID-19 pandemic where everybody is encouraged to remain at home.

Telehealth for Men and Women Struggling With Addiction 

The benefits of telehealth for addiction in Louisville are many, and the need for long-distance addiction therapy in current times has become invaluable. The two most common uses of telehealth include computer screenings and text message contact. It is possible for an individual to maintain contact through less personal methods such as text messages. For example, if somebody misses or avoids an appointment, they can receive a text message. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded stronger long-distance addiction therapy. When people experience addiction symptoms in quarantine, the feelings of loneliness and isolation can ride high. During the recovery process, this can result in relapses, which is where telehealth treatments can provide invaluable support in a virtual sense. For those undergoing an outpatient program or who are slowly making their first steps back to recovery, teletherapy and telehealth treatments are a wonderful way for individuals experiencing addiction to stay in close contact and get the support they deserve.

Any form of addiction requires a variety of treatments. For anyone looking for help, we can provide telehealth for addiction in Louisville, while also ensuring that the individual has a comprehensive and strong treatment plan.

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