What Do I Expect During the Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Process?

An addiction outpatient treatment program is a crucial part of care for anyone seeking help in overcoming any form of drug addiction problem. Many patients consider the in-patient option a bit more restrictive, especially when they have family or work commitments that make it difficult to enter full-time care. For such people, having an outpatient option means they don’t have to worry about leaving their lives behind for an extended period. So, if you’re considering signing up for an addiction outpatient treatment program, the question you keep asking is, “what do I expect during the addiction outpatient treatment process?” Here are a few things you should expect. What To Expect During the Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Process

What is An Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Program?

While an outpatient treatment program can work as a continuation of an in-patient program, it offers a different mode of treatment. It requires scheduled visits with the treatment provider rather than immediate or constant access to them in most cases. It also offers more convenience, flexibility, independence, and autonomy than other treatment types. With an outpatient treatment program, you also get to live in your home and visit your treatment provider based on the schedule previously agreed upon.

Treatment on a Scheduled Basis

The outpatient treatment process is an excellent drug addiction treatment option for you to maintain relative stability during your rehabilitation process. While it may not require you to move into the rehab facility for an extended period, it makes extensive treatment available to you on a scheduled basis. After receiving a free assessment of your addiction situation, your caregiver will schedule your initial intake appointment and work out a personalized treatment plan with you. Once you complete your initial intake appointment, you can expect to begin treatment within 24 hours. 

A Multi-faceted Approach to Drug and Substance Abuse Treatment

The outpatient addiction treatment program uses an integrated, multi-faceted approach through various programs. Some of the programs include the following:

  • Intensive outpatient: The intensive outpatient program is designed for addiction patients looking for a sustainable path to long-term recovery through continued, long-term treatment. 
  • Outpatient program: The outpatient program is usually less intensive, as it offers a step-down level of care program. While it’s less intensive than the intensive outpatient program, it is one of the core steps in providing complete recovery. 
  • Telemedicine: You can also expect to benefit from virtual telemedicine sessions, a program that will make telemedicine available to you. This way, you can easily fit your treatment into your daily life without worrying about missing out. 
  • Multiple pathways: Thanks to the multi-faceted nature of the outpatient treatment process, you can benefit from multiple pathways to addiction recovery through traditional evidence-centered programming.  What To Expect During the Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Process

What Treatment Structure To Expect?

As mentioned earlier, outpatient treatment differs considerably from the other treatment types. You only visit your treatment provider on specific days for a defined number of hours regarding the treatment structure. While outpatient treatment, in most cases, works best for people with mild to moderate drug addiction symptoms, it is recommended you speak with your treatment provider to determine if it’s the best option for you.

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