What Happens To Your Brain When You Use Alcohol?

The Louisville Addiction Treatment Center is devoted to helping you with alcohol issues. Our unique REBT enables you to understand what happens to your brain when you use alcohol.

The Effects of Alcohol

People have brewed alcohol for thousands of years. But, alcohol is an addictive substance with the ability to help you temporarily forget about your issues. However, it also enhances your current mood. For instance, if you are in a good mood, you become joyous. If you are in a bad mood, you become angry. 

Unfortunately, it also robs you of the ability to make good decisions and messes with your motor functions, so basic tasks are harder. On the worse end, you could engage in improper behavior such as drunk driving, fighting, or unwanted/unprotected sex.

What Happens To Your Brain When You Use Alcohol?

Alcohol causes damage to the brain development of young people and teens. When you drink, it causes your brain to operate at a slower speed, making simple tasks and rational decisions a challenge. As a teenager, your brain is still developing, and alcohol disrupts the process, causing long-term developmental damage. As a result, you may have issues processing information and learning new things. Additionally, the behavior problems associated with drinking could see you in serious trouble from crashing a car, killing someone, or even yourself.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment We Offer

Louisville Addiction Treatment Center provides a variety of services. We provide some of the best drug and alcohol therapies in the country. In the case of severe alcoholism, our therapies have proven effective. As part of our REBT approach, we offer the following services:

Intensive Outpatient

When you work with us, you won’t stay here. Instead, you’ll get therapy included as part of your plan and based on your needs. With intensive outpatient treatment, you can receive high-quality treatment from us and still get the support you need while staying at home with your family.


Outpatient therapy is less intensive and allows for more flexibility when receiving care. You may find this form of treatment beneficial if you experience relapse and have mild substance use issues. Or are simply too busy with work and family to commit to the intensive program.


Understandably, you are not always available when it is convenient for us. That is why we offer you treatment that fits your schedule. In addition, you can receive the care you need remotely with our intuitive telemedicine system. With this, you are not required to travel or leave home.

Multiple Pathways

We don’t offer just one type of treatment or therapy. We provide multiple effective solutions that use multiple pathways to recovery to work on your goals. There are several types of behavior therapy, such as individual and group counseling, intervention, and disorder treatment.


The recovery process is ongoing, so our aftercare and support services are tailored to meet this need. As well as detoxing, we also help you with prescriptions and adjust to a new life without alcohol. We are here to help you through this stressful time, no matter what.

Our patients benefit from these core services. However, we also offer many more services you may need. Those from any community are welcome, including LGBTQ+, veterans, and college students. Let our expert care team provide the support you need by working with you.

How We Can Help You

We approach things a little differently than other facilities. So don’t be worried about being locked up, judged, or mistreated. We’re not like that. Instead, we offer a compelling combination of individual therapy and community-based counseling to help you identify your concerns and create a plan for overcoming them. 

We develop a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs through our specialized impact treatment program. Therefore, various therapeutic treatments will be available to you, and you’ll receive advice with compassion and sensitivity.

Paying for Treatment

The biggest advantage of our program is that it is less expensive than residential care. Due to your outpatient status, you will not incur any additional costs. However, the price of your plan may differ based on the treatment you receive.

 Fortunately, our partnerships with major insurance companies enable us to provide the help and support you need. Therefore, the cost of your treatment will be covered by your provider. Simply fill out the benefits information, and we’ll take care of the rest. Fill out the Admissions Insurance Application Form to get started. 

Our Louisville Addiction Treatment Center is open to everyone. So your drinking problem won’t be judged, and we’ll help you beat it with our unique REBT program. And we can also help you understand what happens to your brain when you use alcohol and other drugs.

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