What Should You Do When No Rehab Will Take You

Admitting you need help to recover from drug or alcohol abuse isn’t easy, but what happens if you run into issues like getting a place in a rehab facility

One of the main concerns for addicts and their families is paying for rehab, which can cause some rehabilitation centers not to accept you as a patient. Some options are low-cost or even free for those who don’t have insurance. 

If you do have insurance and are currently researching your rehab facility care options, consider outpatient care. It is highly effective and allows the addict to have a relatively regular life while on the road to recovery – and can prove more financially smart.

It is important to note that some of the low-cost or free facilities might have a waiting list, which can cause stress and worry for the addict’s family and friends. It can also be challenging to locate these facilities. 

Many states provide subsidized programs that are free and only accessible to those who meet particular criteria. If you don’t meet these criteria – you may begin to wonder what your options are. It seems like no rehab center will accept you in your circumstances. 

Are there different payment options for rehab if I don’t have insurance?

What Should You Do When No Rehab Will Take You

If you are struggling to find a rehab center that will accept you due to your financial situation, there are a few options that you can look at: 

  • Loans and financing: some treatment facilities offer to finance qualified applicants, which can be paid back in small amounts over time. 
  • Fundraising: It is possible that you can use online fundraising to meet the financial obligations to cover the cost of rehab treatment. 
  • Friends and family: If you have loved ones, then it might be possible to raise some of the funds to help cover the cost of a rehabilitation program. 
  • Payment plans: depending on your circumstances, there might be payment plans available, and these plans are designed to lessen financial worry. 

Can I be kicked out of rehab and refused entry?

What Should You Do When No Rehab Will Take You

Rehabilitation treatment centers are designed to deal with a range of different addicts and their needs. Rehab isn’t easy and comes with a lot of ups and downs. Each rehabilitation program, including outpatient rehab treatment, will have a set of rules there to protect the addict. 

Does this mean you will not be taken back into the rehabilitation program or be denied treatment if you have been kicked out of other programs? No. 

While there are some limits to what treatment centers can deal with from their addicts – like dangerous offenders, repeat relapses, and others – they often work as hard as possible to ensure that they can accept and treat those in need. 

What can I do if I have been refused entry to a rehab program?

As mentioned above, most often, the reason for refusal to a drug rehab program will be that a facility is entirely full and cannot take you at the present moment. Or that payment is an issue. 

The decision to go to rehab is a positive one and healthy, but the temptation to use it until space on the program becomes available can be high. So for you and your loved one, this can be an arduous wait, here are some tips: 

  • Keep calm and remain focused on the goal, take care of yourself, or the loved one who is struggling
  • Look for alternatives like telemedicine that may be an option
  • Stay motivated to make it into a treatment plan
  • Have regular contact with the facility even during the wait
  • Take the time to make sure all paperwork and other items are in order 

Always take the time to talk to a treatment center and ask for advice on what your next steps could be.

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