Why Are The Holidays Difficult For Those With Addiction?

The festive season should be a time for feelings of joy and wonder. However, if you are suffering from an addiction, then the holidays may only make things worse. This is true whether you are still fighting the worst of your addiction or if you are on the road to recovery. 

It can even increase your chances of a relapse. This is why if you are struggling with addiction to either drugs or alcohol during the holidays, then it could be worth reaching out to an addiction treatment center. From there you can get the professional support you need with drug rehab or alcohol rehab. 

There are various reasons why the holidays can be harder when you are experiencing issues with addiction. Here are some of the concerns that you should be aware of. 

Holiday Blues

Why Are The Holidays Difficult For Those With Addiction?

First, there are the holiday blues. Whether it’s due to the cold weather and more people being stuck inside or problems relating to the pressure that comes with the holiday season, depression rates rise during this time of year. Indeed, seasonal depression is a condition that is recognized by medical experts. 

When you are feeling down, it’s common to utilize any form of coping mechanism. This can come in the form of drug or alcohol addiction. Admissions teams for addiction treatment centers that specialize in drug treatment and alcohol treatment will often see higher numbers during this time. 

More Pressure

People are also under higher levels of pressure through the holidays too. For instance, there’s financial pressure. Many people feel obligated to buy countless presents, purchase gifts and send out cards. 

Then there is the food that needs to be bought if the family is visiting. These costs all add up and it can add to the stress that people may already be struggling with. This is particularly concerning as the entire country struggles through a cost of living crisis. 

People are also more likely to be around triggers for their addiction. Triggers can include difficult social situations or even being around extended family members for longer periods than usual. 

How Can You Get Through The Holidays With An Addiction?

If you, or a loved one, are struggling with addiction during the holiday season, it’s worth exploring drug rehab or alcohol rehab solutions. 

This can come in the form of telemedicine. The benefit of telemedicine is that you can get the support that you require in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to speak to professionals remotely, attend meetings and ensure that you don’t feel alone. 

Alternatively, if you are having severe issues with an addiction, you could also consider intensive outpatient treatment. This is designed for people who are worried about withdrawal and need extra help to ensure that they are not at risk of a relapse. 

We hope this helps you understand why holidays are more difficult when you’re struggling with addiction and the steps that you can take to avoid feeling alone or helpless during this time.

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