Why You Shouldn’t Use Kratom For Opioid Addiction Withdrawal

The opioid crisis is continuing to grow in the US. Many people who are addicted to opioids are now reaching out for support and exploring drug rehab or addiction treatment centers. This can take a similar form to alcohol rehab. 

However, as more people look for the right support, less reliable treatment options are beginning to emerge. One popular option and most controversial solution for dealing with opioid withdrawal is kratom. 

What Is Kratom?

Why You Shouldn't Use Kratom For Opioid Addiction Withdrawal

Kratom is a herb that is a relative of the coffee plant. One of the issues with kratom is that it can lead to a new addiction instead of curing an old one. 

Indeed, research released by the FDA in 2018 highlighted that kratom contained similar chemical compounds to the ones that were found throughout opioids. Similarly, the research suggested that kratom does act on the brain in the same way as opiates such as heroin. 

People will often claim that kratom is benign because it is a natural option. However, experts largely disagree with this insulation. Indeed, they suggest that the risk of using kratom is similar to taking opioids.  

Why Does Kratom Seem To Work As A Treatment For Opioid Addiction?

The main reason it seems to work as a drug treatment is that it is so closely related, it is like treating an addiction to whiskey with wine. While it will still impact your body, it will provide a milder impact. However, it could still lead to an addiction. 

As well as this the herbs are unregulated which means that doses can not be controlled. This means that they prevent a high level of risk. 

What Are The Alternatives?

If you reach out to a treatment center, you will find that there are many alternatives that are more effective and safer compared to using kratom to recover from opioid addiction. 

Once you speak to an admissions center, you will be able to begin the process of reclaiming your life and escaping the hold that opioids have on you. 

In some cases, individuals will benefit from telemedicine. This is a beneficial option for individuals who require drug treatment or alcohol treatment. It ensures that you can continue to live your life while accessing the support you need remotely from your home. 

If you have a significant issue with opioids that have impacted you in the long term, then an intensive outpatient solution could be the right choice for you. This is designed for people who are struggling to cope with their addiction and have numerous triggers in their life that could lead to them relapsing. 

Intensive outpatient support options will ensure that you are provided with a more holistic approach to drug rehab and continued treatment. 
It’s clear then that kratom is not the right answer when it comes to treating opioid withdrawal. However, there are alternatives that can be more effective. The first step will always be to reach out to a treatment center admissions team to gain the help you or your loved one requires.

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